“A truly beautiful film about mental health recovery and hope. It’s an uplifting testament to the strength, creativity, and capacity for healing that each of us possesses… a vibrant and touching celebration of the recovery movement. Recovery is possible… Hollywood Beauty Salon is proof.”

Arthur C. Evans Jr., Ph.D.
Commissioner, Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbilities
City of Philadelphia

I’m extremely happy to share this quote from Dr. Evans, a nationally known champion for and expert on recovery. Since 2004, he has transformed Philadelphia’s entire system to one that focuses on recovery for adults, resilience for children and self-determination for all people who access intellectual disability services. This recovery-oriented model zeroes in on an individual’s personal journey and experiences rather than focusing on a predetermined outcome. (The words “journey” and “experience” resonate with this filmmaker.) His vision has made Philadelphia a model for other cities in the country. And he loves Hollywood Beauty Salon!

After a screening of the film for mental health professionals in the fall, Dr. Evans immediately made arrangements for his staff to watch the film. In his opening remarks, he noted:

I can’t tell you how proud I am of the people who you are going to see in this film.  I think they epitomize what we’ve been trying to do in our system — which is to hold up hope as the driving factor in our system. It doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is, we have the hope that every single person who is here can recover and do well. And you’re going to see very powerful stories that show this!

We are charged and inspired by Dr. Evans’ faith in the film.

Hollywood Beauty Salon is poised to make a big splash this spring. The film will move beyond Philadelphia and inspire audiences around the country. Distribution plans include a theatrical release, screenings at many conferences and workshops, and an educational version of the film for use in colleges and universities. A handsome renovation of our website is in the works. And I’m working hard to realize my dream of a beauty parlor “screening kit” that can be shared with beauty parlors all over the city.

I will surely keep you posted about the film’s screenings and adventures through updates such as this and on social media on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter – yes, I’m about to tweet! You can also watch and share our trailer.

A huge thank you to those of you who have supported us in so many important ways throughout the making of Hollywood Beauty Salon. Together, we celebrate the brave and determined men and women at the Hollywood Beauty Salon, and as we honor their achievements, we are able to recognize the beauty inside each one of us.

We have hope here.

Warm regards,