I walked away from ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ with a renewed belief that the broken values and perspectives in society can be healed and changed.

“Hollywood Beauty Salon” portrays life at an intimate beauty parlor inside of the Germantown Recovery Community, a non-profit mental health facility in Northwest Philadelphia, where staff and clients alike are in the process of recovery.


Although difficult and uncomfortable to watch at times due to the unapologetic unfiltered look at mental illness recovery, “Hollywood Beauty Salon” is honest and inspiring. This film exposes issues too often ignored: mental illness in minority communities and how recovery is being given a fighting chance with the love and support of the program that is “Hollywood Beauty Salon.”

Read the entire movie review from Lori Buswold: “Hollywood Beauty Salon” Is A Brave And Inspiring Look At What Mental Illness Recovery Is When Love And Support Are In Place.



Hollywood Beauty Salon is a colorful and inspiring documentary about surviving mental illness and violence, struggling with loss, finding courage for recovery, and discovering the beauty inside each one of us.