A colorful, energetic, inspiring, novel, wonderful documentary that spreads happiness, smiles and cheer, ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ is an amazing piece of art. Revolving around survivors of violence, mental illness, rejection, depression, addiction and trauma, this documentary strives to fill joy into the hearts of each one alike. Directed by award-winning Philadelphia-based documentarian Glenn Holsten, ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ depicts the journey of all those associated with a unique, interesting and one of a kind beauty salon. Slated to release on 29th July, 2016, this creation opens the eyes of the audience towards endless possibilities and opportunities in the world. Though troubles and challenges may fill our lives with clouds of darkness, the movie inspires each one to believe and trust. As drivers of our own life, ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ motivates the viewers to take control and change the situation.

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Hollywood Beauty Salon is a colorful and inspiring documentary about surviving mental illness and violence, struggling with loss, finding courage for recovery, and discovering the beauty inside each one of us.