Review from Anne Neborak at Delaware County News Network

Darlene Malone met her inner child during the making of the documentary film, Hollywood Beauty Salon.   “It was healing but very hard, very painful but I found spirituality and it was therapeutic for me.  Being prideful that is not helpful.  I opened up and the...

Review from Tirdad Derakhshani in the Philadelphia Inquirer

USING A HAIR salon to treat mental illness? Watch the first few minutes of director Glenn Holsten's witty, joyful Hollywood Beauty Salon, a documentary about an outpatient mental-health center in Germantown, and the connection will seem obvious.   Holsten, a Penn...

2016 Voice Awards Event – Video

Glenn Holsten (director/producer) and Rachel “Hollywood” Carr (Hollywood Beauty Salon owner) accept a 2016 Voice Award for the documentary Hollywood Beauty Salon, which tells stories of moving from darkness into hope and light. Interview with Glenn Holsten

Q&A Interview with Glenn Holsten, director and producer of Hollywood Beauty Salon, an amazing documentary about a beauty salon in NHS Germantown Recovery Community, a non-profit mental health program in Philadelphia, that gives people with mental illness a place to go to to work on becoming beautiful from the outside and inside.

“People Of Dignity” Review from Darrel Manson

“Hollywood Beauty Salon is not about hairstyles of the rich and famous. There is no celebrity dishing. For that matter, there are no celebrities. But here are people whose lives and resilience are worthy of our attention.”

Review from Cinema365

“As a society we have a tendency to try to funnel the mentally ill, the substance abusers and the poor into places where we can’t see them, where they can languish largely forgotten by the world.”

Isha Aran’s Review on

“This documentary about a beauty salon will make you rethink mental illness,” says Isha Aran for Fusion. “It’s rare to see a film about mental illness that isn’t exploitative.”

2016 SAMHSA Voice Award

Hollywood Beauty Salon has been awarded a 2016 SAMHSA Voice Award! The annual Voice Awards program honors consumer/peer leaders in recovery from mental and/or substance use disorders.

Daphne Howland’s Review for The Village Voice

It’s skin-deep but in the best way; the shop’s proprietress, Rachel “Hollywood” Carr Timms, makes no bones about the importance of feeling pretty when the heart and mind are in turmoil. These are stories crafted with care, with glimpses of the filmmaking process — a chance to see the camera operators and director themselves at times in awe of the fortitude they’re witnessing.