Documentary Review on Red Carpet Crash

A colorful, energetic, inspiring, novel, wonderful documentary that spreads happiness, smiles and cheer, ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ is an amazing piece of art. Revolving around survivors of violence, mental illness, rejection, depression, addiction and trauma, this documentary strives to fill joy into the hearts of each one alike.

Janeane Bernstein Interview’s Director Glenn Holsten

Janeane Bernstein’s radio show, Get the Funk Out! is filled with stories of inspiration and change, new creative directions, and surprising twists and turns in this crazy roller coaster ride called life. Check out Janeane’s interview with Hollywood Beauty Salon‘s director, Glenn Holsten.

Hollywood Beauty Salon Film Review by Kam Williams

The Hollywood Beauty Salon was directed by Glenn Holsten who is perhaps best known for another stellar documentary set in Philadelphia, The Barefoot Artist. He’s done it again, here, with this moving collection of poignant personal portraits powerfully illustrating the utter indomitability of the human spirit. Excellent (4 stars)

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Mental health issues can be difficult to talk about openly even in the most ideal settings, but it often helps in settings that promote comfortable intimacy, it can be much easier.

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Dr. Arthur C Evans Jr. Comments On Hollywood Beauty Salon

I think today’s film that you are going to see is a great piece of work. I had the opportunity to see it a few weeks ago, and I think it’s a great testament to the lives of the people who are starring in the film, and I think it’s also a testament to changes that have happened in our service system that really helped to facilitate what you’re going to see.